Executive Headteacher:        Miss M Tate

Head of School:                     Mrs B Tester

Assistant Headteacher:         Mr M Darling & SENCo


Teaching Staff:

Mrs L Symington, Mrs E Wilson, Mr York, Miss Upton
Mrs Zoe Hall, Miss S Bell, Mr M Darling, Mrs T Prescott

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M Fleetham, Mrs P Curtis, Mrs M McCabe, Miss J Knaggs, Mrs K Kinder, Miss A Barker         Mrs P Flaherty    Mrs G Murgatroyd     Miss E McDonald    Mr D Briscoe

Apprentice Staff:

Mr M Bowman and Miss K Goodwin

Admin Staff:                  Mrs B Lowe, Mrs C Mackay 
Site Manager:                Mr D Murgatroyd
Cleaning Staff:              Mrs M Middlemas, Mrs C Kyle and Ms J Spacey
Lunchtime staff:            Ms J Spacey, Mrs C Szamrowicz, Mrs J Plunkett,
                                        Mrs R Trotter, Mrs S Woodhouse,  Mrs M Fleetham, Mrs M Pattison 

School Meals Service:  Miss A Chicken

The Governors are the employers of all the teaching and support staff except those employed by the School Meals Service.