Welcome to our sports page. Here you can find out about all of the fun events we have participated in this year!


September 2016

Sports Leadership

Leadership Academy was great fun and everyone loved it. There were 6 children from my class who were chosen to go. We did lots of fun games like when people had to run away from the people who were throwing balls to tag you. We were told that we were allowed to go back to school and organise games for the younger children to play and be sports leaders ourselves. We have helped other children in the yard to learn new games. Hopefully we will help with Sports Day too!  We were all really nervous to do this but we all had so much fun so we told all our friends about it. – Grace Year 5


October 2016

Tag Rugby

When we arrived at Tag Rugby, we all started off by passing each other a rugby ball backwards in a moving line. Then we went over to our pitch after the fixtures to play. It was a really cold day, however we still played well. When our team played, Finley kept injuring himself but still played on to score a try with no shoe on! I scored a few and we played as a unit all together. We came 4th out of our St Michaels cluster. When we were finished our friendlies, we went and waited for our bus to come to Northfield. All of our team enjoyed this cold afternoon, playing Tag Rugby, out of school. – Leighton Year 5


November 2016


This year we went to a football tournament. The teachers that came with us were Miss Bell and Mr Bowman. The tournament was at Northfield school and it felt like a long journey, as we had to walk there and back again! The position that I played was goalkeeper and we played against a lot of different schools from different locations. Our team came 3rd out of 8 teams! I really enjoyed going and would love to do it again. – Caleb Year 5


Cross Country

We arrived at Northfield in our schools sports kit. Then we started to warm up and got told who was going to go first. Everyone was split into girls and boys for each year group. Once we were told where to go on the course, we walked over to the start line. We knew lots of the other people racing and there were lots of different schools taking part. It was very scary waiting to start, but before you knew it, the race had begun. During the race everyone was getting pushed and shoved around, it was important to not go too fast as it was a long and tiring race. You had to go through the goalposts, over some bumps, up some little hills and most of the time you had to follow the trees, but there were children from Northfield to tell you where to go. Once we got to the end of the race we had to go in a column for boys and a column for girls. Only the top got through to the Stockton Finals. Luckily most of us made it through.  – Connie Year 4


Sports Hall Athletics

I enjoyed the athletics because it was great fun and we had a great time taking part. There were lots of fun events to take part in. My favourite event was the relay race which was really hard. The chest pass was fun but it was very hard to throw the ball. It was good fun watching other people in the race and cheering for them. I think everyone loved taking part and I would love to do it again.  – Cole Year 6



I really enjoyed the basketball, because we scored a lot and we got a fair playing award. We had a really good team. My favourite part was when we got into the finals, because we came joint first. We scored 10 hoops and the top team scored 11 hoops. We beat all the teams we played against! – Thomas Year 5


January 2017

Girls Football

We walked to Northfield as that was where the competition was taking place. There were two sets of schools, the Northfield Cluster schools and the St Michael’s cluster schools. We were in the St Michael’s group. I was looking forward to playing and I hoped we were going to play well. We played six matches and we were playing well. I thought and hoped we played well enough to get into the finals. At the end of all the matches they told us the scores and we ended up getting the same amount of points as one of the St Paul’s teams, but they scored one more goal than us. This meant that they went through to the finals. Even though we didn’t get through, it was a great day and I really enjoyed it! – Maddie Year 6


February 2017

Cross Country Stockton Finals

I got dropped off at Preston Park, went near to where the start was going to be and found a spot to leave my kit so that I could cheer on the rest of the children. I warmed up ready for the run. I was shaking with fear, because I wanted to do well. It started off with the Year 3’s and 4’s then it was the Year 5’s. Soon enough it was my turn, shaking like mad I went to the starting line to get ready for my race. I heard the whistle to start the race, a breath of determination ran through me and I set off. There was lots of people around and in front of me. I pushed myself closer to the first group. I knew I was in the top 10 and could make it through. I sprinted with determination towards the finish line and at the finish I looked around to see that I had finished 6th and someone gave me a letter to say I had qualified for the next round. I was so proud of myself. Everyone congratulated me on my result. When the Year 6 boy’s race had finished we all went back to school on the bus and I was excited to tell everyone. – Millie Year 6


Swimming Gala

This year’s swimming gala was really good. I took part in the girls backstroke. I came 3rd! The teachers who came with us were Miss Barker, Miss Knaggs and Mr Murgatroyd. The year 5’s who came were Stephanie, Jitha, Caden, Ben, Finley, Farrell, Grace G and me! Some of the year 6’s came as well. We did lots of relay races and lots of different strokes. We were separated into: Year 6 girls, Year 6 boys, Year 5 girls and Year 5 boys. I loved this year’s swimming gala! I would love to go again! – Maura Year 5


March 2017


Our team had been practicing throughout the term at after school sports club, so we were really excited about this event. Even though it was going to be tough, we still tried our hardest. The other teams played really well and we managed to score a few hoops. We even learned new strategies along the way! I really enjoyed the day and I can’t wait for the next match! – Ronnie Year 5



When we got to Northfield School, all the other teams were there! However, we then found out that some schools had dropped out of the competition which gave us a better chance of winning! Mr Bowman and Miss Knaggs came with us and they had to decide who was going to be our goal keeper. They had to wear lots of protective equipment. We did some practicing before the game to warm up our goal keeper. We were on the top pitch and we played against 3 other teams. We got to play 6 games! It was great fun. When we went to find out our scores I was nervous. Even though we had won almost every game, I wasn’t sure if we would get through. Then we found out we had and we were overjoyed! We couldn’t wait for the next game. – Finley Year 5