Welcome to Nursery

Our class teacher is Mrs Howarth and our teaching assistant is Miss Goodwin.

Here in Nursery we are a loving community where children are known as individuals that matter.  We like to encourage the children and gain their trust with a big smiley welcome when your child comes to nursery, reassurance when they’re not feeling themselves, or simply taking the time to listen when children tell us about all their interests.

We are also committed to being open and honest with each other – with parents and our team, building trust and accountability within our nursery. We follow a strong Catholic ethos and we do what we say and say what we do. We firmly believe in aspiring to be better, with excellence in everything we do and we enjoy helping the children fulfil their potential with structured play activities as well as small group input for those who are ready.

We have an open door policy here in Nursery so if you would like to ask any questions about your child or what we are covering in Nursery please feel free to speak to one of us at the end of our sessions. We will however, be sending home your child’s home diary every Friday which will give you an indication of what we have covered this week in Nursery.

For further information about what is going on in school, please check the newsletters we will send home and on our class page.


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