We thought you might appreciate a few tips to help you to help your child settle into a good school routine and achieve their potential.

  • Make sure that your child attends school every day.
  • Be punctual. Late arrival at school is a bad habit and harms your child’s learning.
  • Let school know on the first day of absence if your child is too ill to attend school.
  • Have your child’s clothing and equipment ready the night before – it makes morning much less stressful!
  • Make sure that your child goes to bed at a reasonable time – a good routine now will save you a lot of problems later on.
  • Help your child do their homework each day, e.g. reading book
  • Always check with school before booking holiday in term time – you do not have an automatic right to holiday in term time. 
  • Let school staff know straight away if your child is having any problems.