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Welcome to Holy Rosary RC Primary School

Our Mission Statement

Our school is a family bound together in God’s love.

We recognise that we are all unique and we value the gifts and talents

of each member of our community.

Through our nurturing environment, we strive to ensure

each one of us reaches our full potential.

We work hard, try our best, and accept mistakes as

opportunities for learning.

Created by staff, pupils, Governors and parents – November 2015.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and that it will help you to learn more about our wonderful school. Meanwhile, if you would like further information on any aspect of school life, then please get in touch. Our school secretaries, Mrs Lowe and Mrs Mackay, will be happy to direct you to the appropriate member of staff.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Miss M. Tate       Executive Headteacher

Mrs B. Tester      Head of School

  Mr M .Darling        Assistant Headteacher


House Points

  • 856

    St Bede

  • 872

    St Wilfrid

  • 897

    St Aidan

  • 682

    St Cuthbert